Members Easy Renewal Request for 2019

This facility is the easiest way for you to renew your membership if you were a member of DWRG in 2018 and you have previously given us an email address in your contact details. Please enter this same email address below and click on Submit. If your current email address does not not match the one we have on record, you will not be able to use the easy renewal facility and you should complete a blank application form here.

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Your email address:

If you enter a valid email address that matches the one on our record then an automated email will be sent to you which will include a link to take you to an application form pre-filled with your personal details. Please note that if another member is also registered under your email address, then the email we send you will contain a corresponding number of links so you can both begin the renewal process.

Please do not try and complete more than one online application form as it will confuse us!

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