To help you identify who you need to contact, here are the people elected to form the 2018 committee and some additional important people who assist us in operating smoothly and efficiently at all times.

John is our club Chairman from January 2017 and works closely with all the other people listed here.  John is one of our club’s walk leaders and also helps organise the programme. Please contact John if you have ideas for the club, if you wish us to amend your contact details on our database or if you would like a message included in the email bulletins. Contact email address is chairman[at]
Steve is our Club Treasurer  – he looks after the club’s bank account and ensures the books are balanced at the end of the year. Payments to the club should be sent to him please.  There are four ways to make payments – By cash handed to the treasure; By cheque, signed, dated and made payable to DWRG; By paying cash into our club account via a bank of you choice; or Directly to our club account through on-line banking.  Full details are in the ‘Making a payment’ section of the ‘Members’ tab on the main website menu bar.
Bev is our Membership Secretary.  We have this How to Join page to explain to you how you can become a member.
Other committee members include Marianne as Meetings Secretary and Gillian who is the Walks Coordinator.
Our Programme Coordinators for this year start with Ellen.  One or other of them is sure to be out on many walks and will be there gently encouraging more members to volunteer to organise something. Please contact them if you wish to offer a walk or social event to the programme. If you are new to this you can always ask for help and advice.
Web Officer- RogerRoger is the Web Manager. We continually work at improving the content and layout of this website. If you have any comments or technical issues, please use the comment form here.