The first entry into the Downs and Weald Rambling Group’s log book was made for 1st October 1955 and included the cost of an advertisement in the Herald Newspaper. For a sum of five shillings the advertisement attracted five new members, two men and three young ladies. One shilling per member was not a bad start.

Membership increased to 23 in the first six months, to 29 after twelve months and 39 after two years. Most new members were by personal introductions or from advertisements in the local library.

The Group became affiliated to The Ramblers Association on 30 December 1955.

Over the years the club grew and stepped into the twenty first century in very good shape. In any year it has between 100 and 200 members and has handed down many amusing stories which we may or may not be able to retell on this site.

Further details from the history of the club will be added in due course, in the meantime you can view the very first programme from 1955 when the walks were somewhat longer than they are these days!