DWRG Public Liability Guidance

If you’re out on one of our walks and something goes amiss that you think you ought to report to the Committee, please provide the time and location of the incident, an outline of what happened, the details of any witnesses, and some photos if possible. This report can be communicated by email to chairman[at]dwrg.org.uk (replace the [at] with the @ character). We are not anticipating receiving many such reports given that rambling is a very low risk activity, but it is possible that an incident could occur and give rise to an insurance claim and a written record can help us manage this well. If at the scene of the incident some contact details are requested, it is perfectly alright to hand over your contact details. Your membership of DWRG ensures that you are covered by our insurance policy and any claim against you would be dealt with under that policy. People who are on the walk but are not members of DWRG are not covered by our policy.

If someone is injured in the incident and needs first aid we leave the decision to you to either offer help or contact the NHS. It is essential however that, if the incident could give rise to an insurance claim against anyone on the walk, you absolutely avoid discussion of blame (which unfortunately means avoid apologising to the affected party) as this could jeopardise the outcome of any insurance investigation.

Our insurance policy protects members in the case of a claim being made against them by a third party such as a landowner or member of the public. This is not the same as provision for personal accident or injury. Like other organisations such as The Ramblers, anyone participating in our walks does so at their own risk and as such will not be able to make a claim against DWRG for personal accident and injury, so there is no need to file reports to us on these matters. You will be pleased to know that in our 60 years existence we have never had to make an insurance claim. To find out more about the insurance cover that protects our members, you will find a copy in the Members area.