Renew or Change Membership

Your Membership Number

When you join and each time you renew your membership you’ll receive an email confirmation automatically generated by the system. Please keep this for your records. At the top of the message is your proof of membership: a unique membership number. To reduce administration we no longer issue membership cards.

Renewing Membership

At the end of each year we will remind you that your membership is about to expire and invite you to renew. The exception is that if you joined in November or December your membership takes you right through to the end of the following year.

The renewal process is quick and  easy. To ensure security of your personal data we will email you a unique electronic link that with one click takes you to the online renewal form. Click here to take advantage of this easy renewal process. At the prompt type in the email address you gave us when you joined DWRG. This triggers an automatic email from us with the electronic link. When you open the form you will find it pre-filled with previous contact details. If you find you cannot renew using this process then just renew using the standard online application form here but  you will have to type all your contact details in. After completing the online form you will need to post the Treasurer a cheque for the subscription amount of £5 to confirm your membership until 31st December the following year. The Treasurer’s address is included in the renewal form.

Amending Contact Details

Please inform us of any change to your contact details: name, postal address, phone number or email address, so that we can keep our database up to date.

Cancelling Membership

If you wish to cancel your membership rather than allow it to expire on 31st December just send an email or call the Membership Secretary. We will remove your details from our database.